MTV’s Best Kiss – The Notebook – Ryan Gosling and Rachel McAdams


Best MTV Movie Award’s Kiss Ever!!! (: Song: She Will Be Loved – Maroon 5


  1. Best Kiss of all the times

  2. Usually the winner of this award re-enacts the kiss for the audience. I believe they were a couple here, but they didn’t start dating until some time after the movie and apparently hated each other while filming The Notebook. I don’t know if they were engaged, just rumors. As for the reason, that’s between them two.

  3. I ship them…… much.

  4. Wow…just wow

  5. Best kiss EVER!!!!

  6. My two favorite hot men Ryan gosling and Paul Walker!!

  7. and to think best kiss year after year now goes to twilight.

  8. Oh my gosh! I`m deeply touched! Ryan mrrrrrau he`s so hot, so nice!

  9. He kisses her like he means it and picks her jacket up for her. A true English gentleman. :) ))))))

  10. Omg I love them so freakin much they are so amazing.

  11. м-дэ… в фильме совсем другой.
    здесь с выебонами

  12. take that robert pattinson and kristen stewart. :P 

  13. I remember this
    I wonder if they do
    Now that gay shit twitards get it since 2009

  14. @ilovejnkjonas he’s canadian

  15. Pattinson and Stewart are babies compared to them.

  16. MTV should just make this award as the little statue of them kissing. Because THIS is the Best Kiss ever.

  17. Perfect couple.

  18. They were PERFECT together

  19. the old good days when the mtv movie awards used to be awesome and entertaining now it’s pure twilight crap!!

  20. I like Twilight, so shut up!!!!!!!

  21. My replay button hate me now -~-

    I wish the MTV AWARDS would be like this, you know? Entertaining! And like one of the comments said not all that Twilight crap! ;(

    P.S I want these two together!

  22. This is to much for my overies to take on..

  23. Dear Kristen Stewart & Robert Pattinson THIS is how you accept an award for ‘Best Kiss’

  24. i dont understand y they compare this to twilight who cares if rob and kirsten dont wanna kiss on stage maybe they dont want ppl to think things if its not true like they r going out r something or w.e the reason is just leave them alone nd let them be them

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